Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion Battery

Expertise in mass production process

We have been making wide-width coating machines in this field since 2012. This requires a lot of skills, when considering processes with thin metal foils and high viscosity slurries. These machines are totally different from small machines for research and require a lot of experience to run at 100m/min. PNT has technical know-how to maintain tension, uniform coating, and stable drying. In addition, PNT makes machines that process materials such as copper foil and separator, so the understanding of the characteristics of various materials of batteries is very high.

Latest trends in secondary battery industry

We always apply the latest technologies in cooperated with Korean major battery cell manufacturers, such as Pushing Unit on Rewinder for logistic automation process after slitting process, and accurate detecting with artificial intelligent vision inspection system.

World class production capacity

80 coaters dedicated for li-ion battery electrode can be produced per annum. As we expand our business, we relocated our main facility to a site larger than 100,000 square meters in October 2020. More than 80% of our employees are majored in engineering. Given that investment on Giga Factory basis is active in the world in recent years, the manufacturing capability of PNT is very competitive.

High-end machinery
Delivery records of High-end machines only
Lithium-ion Battery
Main processes

Coating machine

The electrode coater is a machine that coats and dries the active material for lithium-ion batteries on aluminum foil and copper foil. The development direction of lithium-ion battery production facilities in recent years is focused on maximizing productivity by running wide-width current collectors at high speed. PNT is applying various technologies to meet these needs. By designing drying chmabers with a length of 80m on each floor, the production speed can be maximized up to 100m/min by sequentially coating both sides. By applying up/down opening chmber type, energy efficiency is increased by more than 30% compared to the conventional trunk type, and maintenance convenience is improved.

Calendering Machine (Roll-press)

Electrode roll press is a machine that rolls the coated and dried electrode to a certain thickness. The most important thing during rolling is to precisely control the gap between the main rollers so that a constant linear pressure is applied to the entire electrode. PNT uses a hydraulic servo control system to control the position of the lower roller. Through this, reproducibility within 1um can be secured. When rolling the cathode electrode, hot rolling can be applied to achieve a higher compression rate, and in the case of the anode electrode, spring-back can be prevented through tandem rolling. In addition, we also have various technologies such as wrinkle removal technology using various special functions such as high frequency induction heating unit and 1000N high tension web stretching unit.

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Slitting Machine

Electrode slitter is a machine that slits the coated or un-coated part of the rolled electrode to the desired width. PNT applies block knife cartridge system to ensure precise slitting width deviation. In addition, oil lubrication cleaning unit, turbo brush, suction, magnetic bar, etc. are applied to prevent foreign substances from entering during the process. Air expanding friction shafts of 3 inches or 6 inches are installed in the rewinder to configure the machine to rewind with a constant tension for each reel after slitting.

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Notching Machine

The electrode notching machine is a facility that cuts continuously coated electrodes and makes tabs to get electrode sheets. High-speed mass production with 72m/min line speed is possible.