Window Film Coating Machine

Window Film Coating Machine


PNT’s Window Film Coating Machinery uses Slot-Die and Micro-gravure method for PSA coating, and then dries by hot air, cures it with UV, and winding the web.

The manufactured films are applied to vehicles and interior industry.

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

PET Film

Web Thickness

Max. 250㎛ ~ Min. 12㎛

Web Width

Max. 1,800mm.

Roll Width

Max. 2,000mm

Coating Thickness

1st: 30pm(Wet) / 7~8pm(Dry), 2nd : : 10pm(Wet) / 2|um(Dry)

Machine Speed

Slot Die : Max. 70m/min ~ Min. 7m/min Micro Gravure : Max. 40m/min ~ Min. 4m/min

Coating System

Slot Die, Micro Gravure

Drying Type

Hot Air Dryer + High UV Lamp

Window Film Coating Machine