Electrode Slitting machine


PNT’s Electrode Slitter is a facility that cuts the coated or non-coated part of the rolled electrode to desired width.

The machine is applied with a block knife cartridge unit to ensure precise slitting width.

In addition, oil cleaning units, turbo brushes, suction and magnetic bars are applied to prevent foreign body from entering the process.

Rewinder is equipped with 3-inch and 6-inch air-expanding friction shafts for each reel after slitting.

The equipment is configured to rewind with constant tension.


– Applied technologies as below

Real-time cutting width measurement and correction function (sensor method, not CCD, to compact facility and secure price competitiveness)

Cutting quality improvement (applicable the type of knife for each material and the knife cleaning system)

Foreign body management (Pipe design considering required air volume and pressure loss)

Automatic Unwinding device (automatic Unwinder, connected with logistics automation)

Horizontal type knife (Easy maintenance, Easier connection between Webs)

High-speed Labeler (labeling without stopping or deceleration the process)

Machine Specifications

  General Specifications
Speed 120m/min↑
Web Width 700mm↓
Burr Size 15㎛↓
Slitting Type

Circular Slitting Knife (Sheer-Gang Type)
Carbide Knife (Tungsten Carbide)

Slitting Deviation ±0.5mm
Knife Exchange Method Manually exchange Block Knife Cartridge 
 Prevention for Foreign body Wool and non-woven oil cleaning unit, turbo brush, suction, magnetic bar, etc.
In-line Defect Inspection Vision camera inspection and Labeler (which utilizes artificial intelligence to accurately detect and classify defects)
Dimension 10m(L) * 4.5m(W) * 3m(H)


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