FCCL Casting (Coating) Machine

FCCL Casting (Coating) Machine


PNT’s FCCL Casting (Coating) Machine produces semi-hardened product by coating liquid resin on the M side of copper foil with a certain thickness and drying it in an oven. Single-sided or double-sided production is possible with Slot-Die Type.


The interleaving unit can be applied according to customer’s request.
Coating thickness can be easily adjusted.
Stability and operability are outstanding, and all lines can be automated

Machine Specifications


General Specification

Web Materials

PET Film, Polyimide Film

Web Thickness

Min. 10㎛ ~ Max. 150㎛

Web Width

Min. 500 ~ Max. 1,350mm

Roll Width


Machine Speed

Max. 40m/min

Coating Head Type

Slot Die Coating & Comma Coating Type

Coating Width

Max. 1,300mm

FCCL Casting (Coating) Machine