Electrode Calendering (roll-pressing) machine

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Electrode Calendering (roll-pressing) machine


PNT’s Electrode Roll Press is machinery that rolls the coated web to a certain thickness.

The most important thing in rolling is to precisely control the gap between the main rolls so that a constant lip pressure is applied to the entire electrode.

PNT uses a hydraulic servo control system to control the position of the lower roll, so this ensures reproducibility within 1μm.

When rolling the anode electrode, hot rolling can be applied to achieve a higher pressure rate, and in the case of the cathode electrode, multi-stage rolling can prevent spring-back.

In addition, PNT has various wrinkle removal technologies, such as high frequency induction heating device, 1000N high tension stretching device, and so on.

-Applied technologies as below

Real-time precision line pressure display possible

High tension stretching device

Non-coated area heating device

Main Roll Cleaner Optimization technology for various battery types (Scraper, Oil cleaner, Non-woven technology combination, Hot Roll Scraping Blade development using Heat-resistant material)

Tandem facility development (multi-stage rolling function with two main rolls, applied tension control technology between main rolls)

Solution for heat problems under high-speed and high-pressure rolling conditions, minimizing thickness variation

Automatic thickness compensation Close loop function (APC – auto position control, fast response speed from hydraulic servo control)

Ability to propose main roll machining shape with its own simulation system.

Machine Specifications

  General Specifications
Speed 120m/min↑
Web Width 700mm↓
Nip Pressure 6.4ton/cm↑
Roll Pressing Type – Anode: Hot rolling, Cathode: Cold multi-stage rolling
– Upper roll: Fixed, Lower roll: Up and down movement control
– Hydraulic servo control system for roll gap adjustment
Thickness Control

(back pressure cylinder for profile control)

Anti-Wrinkle Method – Top and bottom open type
– High tension stretching device
In-Line Thickness Measurement – Beam shield shadow measurement method
– Distance measurement by magnetic sensor


15m(L) * 10m(W) * 4m(H)

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