Folding & Rolling Machine

Folding & Rolling Machine


PNT’s Folding & Rolling Machine is a facility that folds and transports RO membrane in half with a mesh between them, overlaps several sheets and bonds them, then connects them to pipes and rolls them up into a roll-type module.
It is an inline facility that is connected with multiple processes.

Process as below
Unwinding – Cutting – Taping – Folding – Mesh Insertion – Ultrasonic Welding (Fix Folding) – Transfer – Bonding after Loading – Attaching on Pipe – Rolling (Make module form by winding)

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

Membrane, Mesh(PP)

Web width


Roll Width


Cutting Length

Max. 1400mm.

Cutting System

Guillotine Knife System

Cycle time

Under 25sec/sheet (Folding 기준)

U/W Dia / Rolling Dia.

Max. 800/ Maz. 250

Folding & Rolling Machine