Primary Slitting Machine

Primary Slitting Machine


PNT’s Primary Slitter can be applied to various base films such as CPR, OPR, BOPR, and PET.
The machine handles with medium/large web, maximum 7,500mm width and generally widths from 2,100 to 4,000mm. Slitting them to minimum 450mm is possible.
In particular, even in high-speed operation with a maximum speed of 1,000 m/min, the vibration of the equipment is extremely low, enabling stable operation.
In addition, according to the thickness and material of the web, various knife systems can be applied, and the particles generated during slitting are effectively removed.

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

CPP, OPP, BOPP, Metalized Film

Web Thickness

Min. 15micron ~ Max. 120micron.

Web Width

Max. 4,000mm 

Roll Width

Max. 4f200mm

Slitting Width

Min. 450mm

Mechanical Speed

Max. 1,000m/min

Slitting System

Razor, Ring, Shear Knife System

Unwind Diameter

Max. 1,200mm

Rewind Diameter

Max. 1,200mm

Winding System

Individual Center Winding System

Primary Slitting Machine