Electrode Coating Machine

Electrode Coating Machine


PNT’s Electrode Coater is a facility that coats and dries the lithium ion battery active material on aluminum and copper foils.

The recent development of lithium-ion battery production facilities is focused on maximizing productivity by running wide-web at high speed. PNT is applying various technologies to meet these needs.

By constructing dry chambers with a length of 80 meters on each floor, the production speed can be maximized up to 100 m/min, enables sequential double-sided coating.

By applying the dry chamber type that opens up and down, energy efficiency has been increased by more than 30% compared to the existing type, and access for maintenance has been improved.

Die, Back Roll precision machining (deviation ±1um)

Die design technology (Simulation)

Die Gap Adjuster

Density value closed loop control function

Individual insulation coating system (patented)

Pulsation control during slurry transfer

All heating source types applicable (Heat-transfer oil, electricity, or steam)

Anti-wrinkle technology inside drying furnace (Roll supporting, Air Nozzle design)

Drying furnace up-down method (convenient for maintenance and manufacturing compared to door type)

Individual control of temperature, air volume, and drive for each drying furnace (easy to respond to drying conditions and wrinkle improvement)

Energy Efficiency (Calculation of calorific value suitable for product conditions and application of high-efficiency heat exchanger)

Anti-wrinkle technology after drying (special roll application, experience with copper foil equipment and thin film coater)

Half slitting cutting quality assurance (Knife cleaning, foreign matter removal function)

Material supply automation (AGV, conveyor dock-able)

Machine Specifications

   General Specification
Speed 100m/min↑
Web Width 1450mm↓
Web Tickness 6㎛↑
Coating Method Slot-Die, Double-layer sequential duplex, Continuous and Intermittent
Loading Precision ±1.5%
Type of Dry chamber Top Bottom open type
Source of Heat Steam and Hot oil
Inline Density Measurement Radiation Densitometer: Kr-85 Beta Ray (Measurement part: Web, after drying A, after drying B)
Size 105m(L) * 9m(W) * 10m(H)


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