Wearable Deivce Tape Attaching Machine

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Wearable Deivce Tape Attaching Machine


PNT’s Wearable Device Tape Attaching Machined is a facility that automatically attaches various tapes to the parts of wearable devices.

When the tray containing the product is loaded into the loader, the Picker picks up 4 each, aligns them, puts them into the rotary index, and attaches the top side tape. In the next process, after reversing the product, the tape is attached to the opposite side.
The finished products with tapes on both sides are loaded onto the tray.

Machine Specifications

  General Specification
SYSTEM CAPABILITY Cycle Time : 1.5sec/1pc
X,Y PLACEMENT ±35㎛ under
PRODUCT Smart Watch, Smart Device
MATERIAL Protection Tape, Conductive Tape, Insulation Tape, ETC
VISION 256 Gray Level ( Resolution : 480×480  Pixel )
MC SIZE 1500mm(W)*1600mm(D)*1800mm(H)
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