MLCC Coating Machine

MLCC Coating Machine


PNT’s MLCC Coating Machine processes the thin-film at high speed for manufacturing MLCC.
The machine coats the ceramic slurry onto a first base film and dries it through the MLCC manufacturing process.

Applying an automatic system from Unwinder to Rewinder, the product is processed without stopping the line.

The products produced by this machine are the types of capacitors used in electrical appliances. An electrically inducing material is put between the metal plates, and electricity is saved and supplied to the circuit as needed. The demand for this product is growing in proportion to the increase in the production of necessary equipment such as mobile phones, TVs, computers, etc.

Machine Specifications

  General Specifications
Web Material Basic Film: PET, Silicone Coating
Web Thickness Basic Film: 20㎛ ~ 38㎛ (Normally 30㎛)
Web Width 370mm, 440mm
Roll Dia. 600mm
Coating Thickness 2 ~ 50㎛
Speed Max 200m/min ~ Minium 15m/min (Normally 100m/min)
Un-Winder Dia. 600mm
Re-Winder Dia. 600mm
Coat System Slot-Die
Winding System 2 Shaft Turret type (Shaft Type)
MLCC 코팅기계