Window Film Slitting Machine

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Window Film Slitting Machine


PNT’s Window Film Slitter is a facility for Center winding on individual arm types by applying Shear Knife System.
In order to compensate for problems such as “Star Mark” that occurs when tension is unstable during winding, Touch Roll, that can control individual pressure, is applied to ensure stable winding.

Produced products are applied to vehicles and building interior industries.

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

Window Coating Film

Web Thickness

Max. 200㎛ ~ Min. 50㎛

Web Width

Max. 1,600mm.

Roll Width


Slitting System

Shear Knife System

Machine Speed

Max. 200m/min (Normal : 150m/min)

U/W & R/W Dia.


Window Film Slitting Machine