Vertical Separator Coating Machine

Vertical Separator Coating Machine


PNT’s Vertical Separator Coater is a suitable facility for ceramic coating through dip coating on polyolefin-based films.
Min 9 micron to Max 30 micron thickness polyolefin-based web is applicable on the machine.
Center Winding System is used and it can be used with tension of less than 0.5~5Kgf at a speed of up to 50m/min.

PNT’s know-how is applied to prevent wrinkles during driving of polyolefin based film.

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

Polyolefin-based Film

Web Thickness

9 ~ 30 micron

Web Width

Max. 800mm

Roll Width

Max. 1,000mm

Coating Thickness

2 ~ 10 micorn

Mechanical Speed

Max. 50m/min

Unwind Diameter

Max. 400mm

Rewind Diameter

Max. 600mm

Coating System

Dipping System

Winding System

Center Winding System

Vertical Separator Coating Machine