Protective Film Coating Machine

Protective Film Coating Machine


PNT’s Protective Film Coater is a facility that coats a solvent-type coating solution on PET film using the Micro Gravure Coating and Slot Die Coating methods, then dries it in the drying process, and then winds the protective film after lamination.

(Main use: ITO film protection, optical film protection)

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

PET Film

Web Thickness

Max. 200㎛ ~ Min. 23㎛

Web Width

Max. 1,600mm ~ Min. 500mm

Roll Width


Coating Thickness

10㎛ ~25㎛ Thickness deviation : 土5%.

Machine Speed

Max. 60m/min ~ Min. 5m/min (Normal : 2m/min)

Un/Rewind Diameter


Coating System

1st Micro Gravure Coating Unit.

2nd Slot Die Coating Unit.

Drying Type

Roll Supporting type

Dry Temperature

Heating Source, Max. 250°C (Normal. 80-180 °C)

Winding System

2 Shaft Turret Center Winding Type

Protective Film Coating Machine