OCA Film Slitting Machine

OCA Film Slitting Machine


PNT’s OCA Slitter is capable of slitting OCA films with a minimum thickness of 200 microns to maximum of 500 microns.

The machine is designed, in advance, in considering conventional problems such as contamination of the knife by the adhesive and of the winding section.

The market demand of OCA Film is rapidly expanding with the growth of Touch Screen Module on tablet PCs and Smart TVs.

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

OCA Film (PET + PSA + PET)

Web Thickness

PET (50㎛~75㎛) + PSA (100㎛~350㎛) + PET (50㎛~75㎛)
= (200㎛ ~ 500㎛)

Web Width

Max. 1,200mm

Roll Width

Max. 1,400mm

이itting Width

500mm, 1,000mm

Mechanical Speed

Max. 30m/min (Nomal. 20m/min)

Slitting System

Shear Knife System

Unwind Diameter

Max. 800mm

Rewind Diameter

Max. 400mm

Winding System

Gap & Touch Type

OCA Film Slitting Machine