Micro Lens Film Coating Machine

Micro Lens Film Coating Machine


PNT’s Pattern Coating Machinery is a facility designed to produce optical films by curing with UV curing method, that does not require a high temperature or heating process, but at room temperature and low pressure.
The machine applies the roll coating method to micro and nano scale fine patterns or shapes on PET film by replication, imprinting, and transfer.

It is applied to the optical film field, which is a core component of the display industry such as TFT-LCD and PDP, and can be applied as a replacement for and improvement of photo lithography processes such as semiconductor microcircuits and micro optics in the future.

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

PET Film

Web Thickness

Max. 250  ~ Min. 50

Web Width

Max. 1,600mm ~ Min. 500mm

Roll Width


Coating Thickness

Normal. 30㎛ 士 3㎛

Machine Speed

Max. 40m/min ~ Min. 4m/min (Normal : 25m/min)

Coating System

Roll Coating System

Drying Type

High UV Lamp

Micro Lens Film Coating Machine