Non-woven Fabric Slitting Machine

Non-woven Fabric Slitting Machine


PNT’s Non-woven Fabric Slitter handles with a thickness of 12 to 350g/㎡ non-woven fabric, and slits the web width of Max 4,600mm into minimum width of 70mm, at maximum speed 1,000m/min.

The facility features with 2-Drum Surface Winding System, which manages the press roll controlling the surface pressure of the fabric, to achieve accurate surface pressure, regardless of the thickness of the fabric, resulting stable winding.

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

Non-woven fabric

Web Thickness


Web Width

Max. 4,600mm

Roll Width

Max. 4,800mm

Slitting Width

Min. 70mm ~ Max. 4,400mm

Mechanical Speed

Max. 1,500m/min

Slitting System

Shear Knife System

Unwind Diameter

Max. 1,500mm

Rewind Diameter

Max. 1,200mm

Winding System

2 Drum Surface Winding System

Non-woven Fabric Slitting Machine