Reverse Osmosis Membrane Coating Machine

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Coating Machine


PNT’s Reverse Osmosis Membrane Coater produces the filters for water treatment.
The machine precisely controls the coating and hot-air drying condition by using the slot die coating system, and creates a 0.1nm micro-filtration membrane.

Machine Specfications

  General Specification
Web Material Non-woven film
Web Thickness 200㎛ ~ 50㎛.
Unwinder Dia. Max. 400mm
Rewinder Dia. Max. 400mm
Web Width Max 250mm~100mm.
Roll Width  2,600mm.
Speed Max. 10m/min.
Coating Thickness 100㎛ ~ 10㎛.
Coating System Slot-Die Coating System
Drying System Roll Supporting & Air Floating
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