OCA Film Coating Machine

OCA Film Coating Machine


PNT’s OCA Coater is a facility that coats a type of liquid on PET film using a roll coating method, laminates it with upper PET, and then hardens and winds it.

In order to apply the coating liquid evenly, PNT’s own designed nozzle is applied so that the liquid can be supplied evenly over the entire effective coating width.

The interval of the Coating Roll is configured so that the user can adjust the angle and position for coating in the best condition.

Products produced in this facility are extensively used in optical parts.

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

PET Film

Web Thickness

Max. 150㎛ ~ Min. 75㎛

Web Width

Max. 1,200mm

Roll Width

Max. 1,400mm

Coating Thickness

Max. 350㎛ ~ Min. 100㎛

Machine Speed

Max. 30m/min

Un/Rewind Diameter


Coating System

Roll Coating System

Drying Type

Low UV Lamp

Winding System

Center Winding System

OCA Film Coating Machine