Mandrel Cutting Machine

Mandrel Cutting Machine


PNT’s Mandrel Cutting Machine is a facility that cuts the mandrel parts for wearable industry.

When injection-molded mandrels are manually supplied to the Rotary Index Pocket, cutting units #1 and #2 cut 2EA each, and the finished Runner is discharged automatically.

Individually separated mandrels are automatically loaded sequentially into the product tray.

Machine Specifications

  General Specification
SYSTEM CAPABILITY Cycle Time : 1.5sec/1pc
X,Y PLACEMENT ±35㎛ under
PRODUCT Smart Watch, Smart Device
MATERIAL Mandrel Part’s
VISION 256 Gray Level ( Resolution : 480×480  Pixel )
MC SIZE 1200mm(W)*1300mm(D)*1800mm(H)
CONTROL PLC Contron & Touch Screen