Electrode Notching machine


PNT’s Electrode notching machine is a facility that cuts continuously coated electrodes in the horizontal direction and makes tabs into electrode sheets.

The company has a sales record of supplying more than 60 die-pressing notching machines to large domestic companies.

Machine Specifications

  General Specification
Production Speed 250cycles/min↑
Line Speed 72m/min↑
Electrode Thickness 100㎛ ~ 500㎛
Notching Type Die notching cam drive, up and down drive
Press stroke: upper 10mm, lower 30mm
Die Fixing Type Clamp type
Lubricant Automatic
Foreign Body Prevention Fan-Filter Unit (FFU)
In-line Defect Inspection Vision camera inspection and labeler (which utilizes artificial intelligence to accurately detect and classify defects)
Dimension 10m(L) * 3m(W) * 2.5m(H)


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