PDLC Film Coating Machine

PDLC Film Coating Machine


PNT’s PDLC Coater is a facility that coats the solvent-free solution on film, using a Slot-die or Comma Coating Head, and then laminates the ITO film at low and high pressure, before it is hardened.

Two types of Coating Heads were applied in order to take full advantage of each Coating Head.

In the case of Comma Coating Head, it is applied for simplicity of setting and suitable for small quantity production of various types.
In the case of Slot Die Coating Head, it was applied to be suitable for mass production. Slot die spacing adjustment is automatic, allowing precise control in units of 1/1,000mm, and coating fabrics under the best conditions.

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

Hard Coated + PET Film + ITO Coated

Web Thickness

Max. 250㎛ ~ Min. 50㎛

Web Width

Max. 1,600mm ~ Min. 500mm

Roll Width


Coating Thickness

5 ~ 100㎛ (Normal. 30㎛±5%)

Machine Speed

Max. 5m/min ~ Min. 0.5m/min (Normal : 2m/min)

Un/Rewind Diameter


Coating System

Slot Die & Comma Coating System

Drying Type

Low & High UV Lamp

Winding System

Center Winding System

PDLC Film Coating Machine