Composite Optical Film Coating Machine

Composite Optical Film Coating Machine


PNT’s Composite Optical Film Coating Machine is a facility designed and manufactured for combining the functions of various optical sheets in order to meet the market demands such as “slim”, “composite”, “high-brightness” and “low-price”.

The form of the composite is various: “Protection Sheet + Prism Sheet”, “Prism Sheet + Prism Sheet”, and “Diffusion Sheet + Prism Sheet”, and the products produced here are “New Composite Optical Sheet”, “Mixed Sheet”, “POP It is called by various names such as “sheet”, “MOP sheet”, and “single sheet”.

Compared to existing products, it is superior in “durability”, “heat resistance”, “high brightness”, and “wide viewing angle”.

Machine Specifications

  General Specifications
Web Material PET film
Web Thickness Max 300㎛ ~ Min 20㎛
Web Width Max 1,950mm. ~ Min 500mm
Roll Width 2,000mm
Coating Thickenss Generally 2㎛ ~ (Wet)
Speed Max 70m/min ~ Min 5m/min (Generally : 60m/min)
Coating System Micro Gravure, Roll Coating
Drying Type Heated Air + High UV Lamp
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