Capacitor Film Slitting Machine

Battery Division / Secondary Cell

Capacitor Film Slitting Machine


PNT’s Capacitor Film Slitter can cope with a small cutting width by applying Shear Knife System & Aerial Slitting.
Wave shape can be produced on the machine as well, and to lower the current density in the state of the element of the capacitor is possible.

Machine Specifications


General specification

Web Material

PET, PP Film

Web Thickness

PET 2㎛~ 10pm, PP 3㎛~ 13㎛

Roll Width


Slitting Width

150mm ~ 4mm.

Slitting System

Shear Knife System & groove Roll With Razor knife

Machine Speed

Max. 400m/min

U/W & R/W Dia.

650mm / 450mm

Capacitor Film Slitting Machine