Trimming & End Cap Assembly Machine

Trimming & End Cap Assembly Machine


PNT’s Trimming & End Cap Assembly Machine attaches a serial number label on the modular filter, cuts both ends according to the size of the filter product, and checks the degree of release after vacuum.

After first verifying the product’s performance, the dispenser is treated, the end cap is attached, and ultrasonic welding is processed to securely fix.

This in-lined machine is sum of multiple processes that required manual works.

Process as below
Label attached to module – Side Cutting – Pipe chamfering (pipe end surface finishing) – Vacuum inspection – Dispenser (bonding operation) – End cap attachment – Ultrasonic welding (End cap fixation) – Loading

Machine Specifications


General specification


Rolling filter. Endcap(ABS)

Module Length


Length After Trimming

934mm ~ 964mm

Module Dia.

Max. 193mm ~ Min. 55mm

End Cap Width

Max. 50mm ~ Min. 25mm

Cycle time

Max. 10Osec

Trimming & End Cap Assembly Machine